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Want to make your e-book really stand out from the crowd?

Dear E-Book Author

If you've visited EBookCompiler.com and other E-Book related web sites, you probably already know something about the incredible power of E-Books. Creating and publishing your own E-Books is allows you to
  • Drive people to your web site.

  • Generate leads for business or subscriptions for your e-mail newsletter

  • Create your own products to sell - and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.
Perhaps you're already using our featured-packed but low-cost E-Book Compiler software?
(If not, then I recommend that you go to EBookCompiler.com, download the software, and try it for yourself).

But what if I told you, that there was a way to make your E-Books even more exciting, even more compelling, even more popular with your users, and truly stand out from the competion?

Imagine being able to create E-Books with powerful multimedia capabilites including incorporating audio samples, MIDI files, CD audio, video and more.

Why Add Multimedia?

Multimedia allows you to offer a more enjoyable, informative, and richer experience for your users...

  • You could turn your E-Books into "must see", "must have", items that will knock your customers' socks off.

  • Offering your customers a full multimedia presentation can make training and tutorials more understandable, fiction more fun, reference information more informative...

    Perhaps you could even charge your customers more, by improving your product in this way?

  • If you have a competitor who sells a similar type of info-product to yours - compelling Multimedia could be a powerful differentiator that makes your product more desirable than his.

  • Multimedia even allows you to create new product types that weren't possible before:

    Audio interviews, lectures, instruction...

    Video tutorials, presentations, diaries...

    ...Your imagination is the limit.

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