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Multimedia Features

The Advanced Multimedia Extension for Activ E-Book Compiler is an optional Add-On product that allows you to easily incorporate multimedia elements into your own E-Books.

The file formats supported are the standard Windows file formats, that you can create using your favorite sound, MIDI, or video, editing or recording program.

Advanced Multimedia supports all of the following:
  • Wave Audio sampled sound files.

  • MIDI music files.

  • Video Files

  • CD Audio.

  • Control over Microsoft MCI-compatible multimedia devices.
NOTE: We do not supply the compression/decompression software for compressed multimedia file formats. You and your users will need to obtain the MCI-compatible "codecs" for the formats you choose from another source. (Microsoft Windows normally has some Codecs installed as standard). It is your responsibility to check the License agreement for any such codec software for terms of use, etc.

How It Works

Two of the best (and most unique) features of Activ E-Book Compiler, are Activ Script and Activ Variables. These allow you to incorporate links in your E-Books that activate E-Book functions.

For example, there is an Activ Script command called SEARCH. So HTML code like this:

<A HREF="##SEARCH()">Click here to search</A>

Will display a hyperlink, that when clicked, will activate the E-Book's search function.
The Advanced Multimedia Extension adds a variety of additional Activ Script commands, and Activ Variables, that allow you to take control of multimedia play back.
For example, there is a new command for playing back videos fullscreen, called AMM.VIDEOFULLSCREEN. So HTML code like this:

<A HREF="##AMM.VIDEOFULLSCREEN('{ebook}\film.avi')">Click here to play video</A>

Will display a hyperlink, that when clicked, will play back a video called film.avi.

What Commands do I get?

When you get your copy of the Advanced Multimedia Extension, you will get full documentation (in the form of an E-Book of course!) explaining all the new commands, how to access files that are within your E-Book, as well as external files, and more.

Here is a summary of all the additional Activ Script commands that you get:
  • Wave Sounds

    A total of 7 additional commands that let you:
    • Play back wave sounds and wait for them to complete.
    • Play back wave sounds in the background (while your E-Book remains active).
    • Play back a sound in a continuous loop.
    • Stop play back of a sound from memory.

  • MIDI Music

    You get 3 additional Activ Script commands that allow you to:
    • Play back MIDI music and wait for it complete.
    • Play back MIDI music in the background (while your E-Book remains active).
    • Stop MIDI play back

  • Video

    You get 2 commands that allow you to:
    • Play back video full screen
    • Play back video in a customizable popup window (including customizable title, appearance, zoom size and more).

  • CD Audio

    12 incredible commands, and 13 Activ variables that let you control and monitor play back of CD audio. Including facilities for:
    • A customizable, built-in, CD player application.
    • Play a specified CD track.
    • Get the status and position of the CD disk.
    • Eject the CD.
    • Move to the next or previous CD track
    • Pause or resume play back
    • And more...

  • Advanced Media Control

    What if there's something we haven't thought of?

    No problem...

    You also get a command and 3 Activ Variables that let you control any Microsoft compatible Multimedia device.

And You Also Get
BONUS #1: Screen Movie Recorder

Screen Movie Recorder is a utility which allows you to make AVI video files of screen activities1. This is great for creating tutorials on how to use software or web sites, interactive demos, or training materials.

Features include:
  • Record the entire screen or a selected region.

  • Add highlighting to draw attention to mouse cursor movements.

  • Optionally (requires microphone and compatible soundcard) add audio narration to your video recordings.

  • Record with "auto pan" - the video will follow mouse cursor movements around the screen.

  • Create time-lapse movies of long-running computer processes

  • Screen Movie Recorder may not be able to record some games, DVD-playback and other software which uses hardware acceleration, and/or requires full control of the screen (as opposed to running in a window).
  • We can not guarantee that Screen Movie Recorder will work with all programs. Nor can we guarantee that it will work with future versions/updates of Windows.
  • You should only record screen contents (for example displaying websites and programs) for which you are the copyright holder, or have permission from the copyright holder to record, or are otherwise legally permitted to record.

And You Also Get
BONUS #2: Ready-To-Go MIDI Files

We have included 25 MIDI files - and which we give you permission to use within your E-Books2.

The files include music in a variety of genres including:
  • Blues

  • "Classic"

  • Electronic

  • Funk

  • House

  • Pop/Rock

  • Progressive Rock

  • Reggae
2Note: Copyright on these files is retained by our company, Answers 2000 Limited. We give you permission to use them in your E-Books subject to some Terms and Conditions such as including our Copyright notice, not modifying these files, not distributing these files except as part of your E-Book, etc.

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